Dongelmans Elektro


Welcome to  Dongelmans Elektro a certified electronic installation company. 


Electrician located in The Hague, Dr. G. Knuttelstraat 70, phonenumber

 0031 70 4041159  or 0031 6 20441111   For private persons and small business companies we provide advice, installation, handle outage. 


On the left side you can find an overview and we will try by providing photo’s and descriptions to inform you  of our scope of work and what you can expect us to be doing for you. 


As we get more and more English-speaking customers, the website will soon in its entirely in English to read. Apologies for the inconvenience. Of course you can mail me or call me for further information.


 As we are a small business, since 2000. Your questions or orders will directly be taken in by the owner, Theo Dongelmans, who will also be take care of all the services our company provides. 



Dutch language, nederlandse taal


Owner Theo Dongelmans dongelmanselektro



Erkenning Sterkin installatiebedrijven 2015  


Safety is our priority. When the company was founded in 2000 we were still obligated to be Sterkin certified, as so ordered by government law. This entitled that you had to have all diploma’s, certifications, equipment, etc. in order to be able to work as a electrician. This obligation no longer exists, but we do still meet these requirements. We and other companies that had the Sterkin certification, are distinguishing ourselves as a good and reliable company. On the website you can verify an installer approved by the postal code of him of her to fill in.